Wednesday, June 4, 2014

AddThis! Social Bookmarking on Every Page on Your Site

Social.  Social? Social!

Buzz words and phrases are fine, but figuring out what they mean for your business or organization is another matter.  We often can sense that some trend is important and might have some idea that it could help us, but implementation is another matter.  Typically, when you see an industry sprout up around a concept, like it has with Social Media in relation to marketing, you can bet that getting the most out of it won't be an easy thing.

With social, a little is better than none.  Not everyone can have a full time employee dedicated to managing the social experience tied to their organization or afford to hire a firm to manage it effectively.  Small businesses especially struggle there, where social becomes yet another hat an owner has to wear.

So if you can only do a little, where do you start?  Putting AddThis! on your website is a good place.  With a quick signup, answering a few questions and then copying a little bit of code into your website (and little being the equivalent of a couple of sentences, copied exactly) you can give your users the ability to share your page or go to your own social network offerings. 

For an example, just look to the left or the top right of this page if you are on a computer or laptop.   On the left, you'll see that just after the page loaded, a bar of icons appeared.   There are familiar icons, Facebook, Twitter, email and print.  Then there's a plus sign with dozens of other ways to share this page (and feel free to).  Then top right, you'll see a Facebook and Twitter circle icon.  Those go to my pages on those networks.  On mobile, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen and provides a similar experience.

Adding that functionality took me about 15 minutes.  If you don't have the ability to share your website with others right now, AddThis! is a must.  If you're a current client of inVisual, we are running a $10 special on adding this feature to your website.  Contact us to get started.


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